Matthew!!! GOD DAMN IT!!!!!

OK. Last things first: I've had a funk since 6/21. I thought it was allergies...or throat cancer. I know! The drama I get from my...


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Mental Health adventures from my own life, history, my healing journey, before and after a diagnosis of Dissociative I density Disorder (DID)

As Johnny Cash used to say before he started a show, "Hello.  I'm Johnny Cash."  Well, to model The Man In Black, "Hello.  I'm ZuZu."  I created thesaintwithtattoos as a means to use narrative therapy to flesh out my experiences before, after and during my life with a diagnosis of DID.  I have a very unique and rare form of DID.  I will interject scientific psychological heroes, and hopefully some heroines, I will Tell you about the father of DID, Pierre Janet.  Since culture has changed, I will put trigger warnings on some of the more salacious details.  The Last entry, before this revamp, re Halloween is one, b ig trigger warning.  My goal is to educate, inform, bust stigma, normalize some metal health myths, and share my healing journey with DID with you.  Bon Appetit



500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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